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Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and other places of food-based, very with local characteristics, to meet the different needs of taste buds. In Asian countries, in addition to taste the local cuisine, you can also find some Chinese restaurants.

Around the characteristics:

1. Vietnamese hot and sour and sweet, not greasy, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, fresh and tasty.

2. The Japanese are very particular about keeping the flavor of the food, do not advocate adding too much seasoning, mainly to light. Especially on the color side dishes with high demands, not only the use of a wide range of very fine container for storing food, food on the shape, arrangement, colors also have very delicate consideration. Sushi and sashimi are covered Japan's most popular foods.

3. Singapore and Thailand is a multiracial country, so food can taste the flavor of all ethnic groups to the country cuisine, snacks pastries.

4. kimchi, bibimbap is essential for the Korean dinner table.

5. India's north-south differences, there are many northern cooking meat, cereals and bread, like the spicy food culture; the South more vegetarian, rice, spicy curry. Indian Home Basic food is rice, homemade bread, lentils, dry plain green sauce and sour pickles and parsley leaves.

6. Philippines most famous seafood rich flavor. Restaurants often have a band playing and folk dance performances. Philippine local dishes like vinegar and lots of garlic and other spicy seasoning. More representative are: roast suckling pig, Sydney root soup, Adobo, Lapu-Lapu fish.

7. The Maldives is a Muslim country, fasting pork. But here is an island nation, rich fish and crab. The most common dish is curry, is from neighboring India, Sri Lanka incoming.
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